Oppositions: you can’t get there from here

Aspects are angular relationships between pieces in your chart. An opposition is just what it sounds like, the pieces directly oppose each other. They are 180 degrees apart, plus or minus 7 degrees.

Oppositions show past life experiences where the energies worked in opposition to each other. It happened enough that you developed beliefs that they can’t work together. This life is an opportunity to change your beliefs.

There are multiple ways that an opposition can be read. The specific meaning for you will depend on your chart. Everything is always reinforced in the chart, that’s how you focus in on your specific meaning.

Here are a few examples …

Mars opposite Saturn is someone that may believe it’s irresponsible of them to pursue their ambitions so they may struggle to fully own their desires.

They may believe that if they set healthy boundaries, they will anger people they care about.

Mercury opposite Pluto may have been killed or in some way destroyed because of something they said. They may now struggle in some way to speak their mind.

They may get stuck in analysts paralysis when they try to reason things through and struggle to make decisions by over thinking them.

Venus opposite Jupiter may struggle to be honest with those they love or to feel like it’s unethical to make money doing something they love.

They likely had lives where their values were not in line with their ethics and may be carrying guilt or shame that needs to heal. Religion may have interfered with love.

Whatever the opposition in your chart. It’s crucial that you see it as an opportunity and not a punishment or that you’re doomed.

You came in choosing to see this in a new light, to heal your experiences and learn that these energies can coexist in you and work together. Continued in the caption.

Do you have oppositions in your natal chart? If so, what insight do get from them?

🤎💫 You can still have an amazing life even if you have difficult aspects. I have a shit ton and my life is really good. I also have some beautiful aspects, and I know you do too. We each come in equipped to handle our agenda.

🤎✨ No matter what’s in your chart, life improves when you’re willing to be honest with yourself, face your flaws and fears and deal with them. When you do, you heal.

Try not to think of your chart as a dead end. See it as your launching off point. 🚀

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Moon Opposite Venus

I recently wrote some comments on a message board to someone trying to figure out the significance of Moon opposite Venus in her natal chart. Here are essentially the comments I shared.

When two pieces oppose each other in your chart, then you struggle with how to experience both energies at the same time. It’s like when you are driving down the highway and you can see the place you need to go, but you can’t figure out how to get off the highway and get over there to it. When you are focused on one energy, it’s hard to know how to get to the other one.

The Moon represents our emotional energy and Venus is our value system and ability to give an receive love. With the Moon and Venus in opposition in your natal chart, you come into this life with some karmic history of not understanding how to experience both nurturing and love at the same time. You can struggle with knowing how to be connected to family and honor your own values, how to value yourself versus deriving your value from your role within a family or your environment, having to abandon what matters to you in order to care for someone else. This aspect can also show past lives of both abandoning those you love and being abandoned by those you love. Being disowned by family because of someone you loved, as well as being the one that did the disowning.

The Moon opposite Venus can bring difficult lessons like learning to nurture others while honoring what is important to you, loving people that do not nurture and support you, struggling with what commitment really means and experiencing the line between healthy commitment and unhealthy attempts to control, feeling that your environment is at odds with what matters most to you.

It’s likely that you have some core beliefs about love and nurturing that oppose each other and create limitations that impact your ability to create a life where these two are not at odds. Any work you can do to understand these core beliefs can be a big step in letting them go and building new beliefs.