Venus is a powerful undercurrent to everything you are in this life and everything you do.

Venus is love. Human love. It’s how you express what matters to you while human. Loving is a core purpose we all have here.

Venus is what you value, what matters to you, how you set priorities, how you express love and feel love.

Venus is money, because money is one of the ways we assign value. Venus is key to understanding your relationship with money, how you get it, save it, spend it.

Look at Venus when you look at everything in your chart, even if there is no aspect, because Venus is integral to knowing what’s important to you and that impacts everything.

The more you understand what and how you love, the clearer you get on your priorities, the more effectively you focus your energy on living a rewarding life.

You can get caught up in doing things for many reasons that have nothing to do with what matters most to you. Habit, fear, obligation are a few.

Just as you periodically need to purge through your stuff, it’s helpful to take inventory of your life.

How do you spend your time and energy? Who do you spend it with? How do you get money? What do you do with it?

One way to deepen your understanding of astrology is to try to see in your chart what you know about yourself. Instead of looking at your chart and trying to figure it out, let’s do the opposite.

Take a minute and describe your values, how you love, what makes you feel loved, your relationship with money, and then look at Venus in your chart and see if you can make a connection to what you came up with and your Venus placement.

If you feel confused about how to start, try this. Look at the sign your Venus is in and describe the sign in whatever way you can then see if you can match any of that with what you came up with about how you love.

If you’re still confused, that’s okay. Astrology is a language and everyone reading this post has a different fluency level. You’ll get there.

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Venus 💖✨

Venus is love in human form. It’s who, what and how you love. It’s how you prioritize and assign value. Understanding Venus in your natal chart helps you to prioritize what matters to you.

What does your Venus tell you?

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