astrology-chart-journal-forweb This Astrology Chart journal/notebook is an easy way to keep copies of charts and notes together. It is available in two sizes, 6×9 inch and 8×10 inch.

It’s a great way to have a quick reference for your Astrology charts. The left side has an empty chart wheel and aspectarian, the right side is lined for notes. Use it for your own natal chart and as well as your progressions and composites with others.

Use it as a journal. You can put in the transits for the date and time you are writing. Even if what you write has nothing to do with Astrology, it might be helpful to go back and look at the transits and compare them with what was going in your life and what you felt drawn to write about.

You can use it as a study guide. Maybe you found the chart of someone famous and want to make notes about it. It can be a great complement to an Astrology class you are taking, or notes from a book or website you are reading. You can use the chart wheel for any kind of chart and fill it in as much or as little as you like. Both are available at amazon.

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Astrology Chart Journal (6×9 inch)
Astrology Chart Notebook (8×10 inch)