Opposite Houses

Let’s take a quick look at the 12 houses through sets of opposites. Each house covers a lot of ground so these comments are intended to spark inspiration.

1st + 7th ✨💫 self-discovery

In the first house it’s all about understanding yourself in a subjective and independent way. That includes your body, and how life impacts you. The 7th is dependent and objective. It includes learning about who you are with others, how they impact you and you them.

2nd + 8th ✨💫 worth

The 2nd house is about resources including seeing your own worth in a subjective and independent way. The 8th is dependent and objective, knowing your worth through your relationship with others, discovering it through intimacy and finding the strength to be vulnerable.

3rd + 9th ✨💫 communication

The 3rd house is where you gather information and find your voice in a subjective and independent way. The 9th is dependent and objective where you grow spiritually and share truth beyond your personal experience to help others.

4th + 10th ✨💫 family

The 4th is subjective and dependent. It’s your little corner of the world, your personal experience of family, home and relationship with nature. The 10th is independent and objective. It’s showing up as your authentic self, your calling, your contribution to the world as your family.

5th + 11th ✨💫 connection

The 5th is personal and dependent. It’s creative self expression, finding joy with others through play and performance. The 11th is objective and independent. It’s discovering your social conscience and feeling your connection to the universe, and sharing it through community and friendship circles.

6th + 12th ✨💫 service

The 6th is subjective and dependent. It’s where you serve, heal and build routines that support your daily life. The 12th is independent and objective. It’s where you learn compassion, dream, and build a spiritual sanctuary to support your human life.

Check out my podcast on Dependency Balance to learn more about the independent (left) half and dependent (right) half as well as top (objective) and bottom (subjective) of charts.

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