Natal Venus Retrograde

When you have Venus retrograde in your natal chart, your karmic history includes believing you failed someone you love.

You may feel compelled to go to extremes for those you care about in this life because you’re afraid of failing them.

This can include enabling them, tolerating unkind behavior, feeling you need to earn love to prove yourself to make up for your past.

It’s important to release guilt you carry and trust yourself so that you can create healthy loving relationships.

You also had lives where you didn’t feel valued and you’re now learning how to heal these experiences and believe you’re loveable.

When you struggle to believe you’re loved you tend to distort the intentions of others. It’s hard to receive love if you don’t believe you’re worth loving. You may also label unhealthy behavior as proof of love.

The retrograde can express itself in a variety of ways, these are just a few. Most importantly, retrogrades are not a curse. They are announcements and in this case that you’re learning to value yourself in a deep and meaningful way. I repeatedly see people with Venus retrograde develop healthy relationships and live abundant lives.

Natal VenusRx 💖✨

I just shared a few beliefs brought into this life with Venus retrograde in a natal chart. Most importantly, know that you’re not doomed by a retrograde. It’s an intention to heal in this life.

You are lovable. You are worthy of love and the love in your heart is priceless.

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