Karmic Nodes in the Houses

The karmic nodes are the two points where the moon’s orbital path crosses the ecliptic. No worries if that doesn’t make sense. What I want you to remember is that they are always exactly opposite each other. Only by doing something completely the opposite of what you’ve been doing over and over again will you generate new growth.

The south node is a snap shot of relevant karma, it shows karmic patterns that cross many life times.

The north node is the goal of this life. It’s your soul’s north star for this incarnation and is always directly opposite the south node.

Let’s start by taking a look at nodes in the houses. These are super short descriptions, meant to get you started thinking of how the nodes are expressed here. As with all things, for a more complete understanding we look at the house, sign, degrees and aspects to the nodes.

There’s a balancing act with your nodes. You want to use the knowledge and skills of your south node (SN) to head towards your north node (NN).

The south node is NOT a disadvantage (cue rant music). It’s a rich history that you are using as a launchpad in this life.

✨ SN first house / NN seventh house

Your goal (NN) in this life includes understanding how to partner and navigate one on one relationships. You will have a lot of growth in learning what you bring to them, and what you need from them.

Your history (SN) includes being self reliant, so in this life there are lessons around how to depend on others and show up for them while still retaining a clear sense of self.

✨ SN seventh house / NN first house

Your history includes depending on others and in this life you’re learning to rely on yourself. Your goal is about getting comfortable with who you are and to trust that you can count on yourself.

💫 SN second / NN eighth

Your goal is transformation. Your history has been about your physical needs and learning to find your worth. You developed perseverance and are a survivor. In this life, you are learning that loss is part of life and to draw your strength from who you are and not what you have. You are exploring personal empowerment.

💫 SN eighth / NN second

Your karmic history has been painful. You’ve been through a lot of loss and paid a high cost for what you’ve learned. In this life, your goal is to find safe ground and embrace your worth. You’re a survivor and you are learning how to thrive.

✨ SN third / NN ninth

Your goal is knowledge and expanding beyond the life you know. You came in choosing to move out of your comfort zone and explore what is beyond your experience. You are challenging your preconceived ideas and may find yourself struggling with the question “do I want to be right or happy? Do I want to be right or be at peace?”

✨ NN third / SN ninth

Your goal is communication. You’ve spent so many lives learning and becoming wise, and in this life you’re here to speak up, to share what you know. You are striving to be a good communicator and to find your voice. Sibling relationships may also be an important part of your life’s journey.

💫 SN fourth / NN tenth

Family has been front and center for many of your lives. They’ve defined where you lived, who you married, your job, your status in the community, nearly every part of your life became defined by family and what they needed of you drive much of how you lived. This life is about finding your place n the world and discovering the life you want to live.

💫 NN fourth / SN tenth

You’ve been focused on who you are in the world and now want to focus on building your own little corner of it. You are now turning your attention to having space and being with people where you feel supported. You’re learning what it means to be part of a healthy loving family, and to feel at home.

✨ SN fifth / NN eleventh

You’re seeking connection. You’ve spent many lives trying to figure out who you are and what makes you happy. Now you want to know how you fit in, how you’re connected to something bigger than you and the lives you’ve lived. You’re drawn to community and want to feel like you’re on a team, you’re working with others to achieve goals and make the world a better place.

✨ NN fifth / SN eleventh

You’ve spent a lot of energy trying to save the world and now you’re trying to figure out who you are and what makes you happy. What brings you joy? What inspires your creativity and what can you imagine for yourself? Time to take risks and do things without a safety net. You can rely on yourself to recover if you fail.

💫 SN sixth / NN twelfth

You’ve spent so much energy being in service to others that you came in a bit burned out. It’s as if you feel just living is exhausting. As you find ways to experience sanctuary and recharge, you will be able to allow your empathy and compassion to guide you to not not connect with others, but to face your fears and envision a fulfilling life.

💫 NN sixth / SN twelfth

Time to get real and fully step into your human experience, to put into practice the spiritual practices you’ve focused on. You’ve tended to escape and ignore much of the activities of daily life and this time you are here to embrace them. You’re learning lessons around service and healing and how to enjoy having an earthly experience.

Learn Astrology

Crystals and Astrology

Do you ever associate crystals with particular people in your life? When I do, it gives me a deeper personal connection with the crystal, and makes me curious to see if that crystal is reflected in their natal chart.

If my mom were a crystal she’d be a rose quartz. She was unconditional love. 💗Everyone that met her felt it and loved her.

In astrology, Venus is human love. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and is unconditional love. Rose quartz is often associated with Venus, and Mom had Venus at a karmic degree conjunct her north node (life’s purpose) and both made a trine to Neptune. Mom was rose quartz.

rose quartz, smoky quartz, clear quartz

If my dad were a crystal he’d be a smoky quartz. 🖤 He had a horrific childhood, and it’s stunning to me that he was able to be the man he was given the life he had growing up. Though Dad had his inner demons and flaws, he embodied transmuting and moving on from pain and negativity.

In astrology, Pluto is our capacity for transformation. It’s our ability to perceive we have a choice, and to align ourselves with divine will. Dad had strong Pluto aspects and his sun was at a karmic degree in Scorpio. Dad was smoky quartz.

When you dig into every metaphysical tool, you find overlap between all of them. Funny how that oracle card you keep pulling lines up with an astrology transit touching your natal chart or a crystal you just had to have. It’s all connected, different languages saying the same thing.

My fluency happens to be in astrology. When clients ask me about what crystals they need, I talk with them about intention and what kinds of lessons and opportunities seem most important to them now and then send them to my favorite crystal sellers.

There are so many amazing options. Something like 2000 or so different minerals have been discovered, and then there’s raw, polished, carved, clusters, and we’re often drawn to particular ones during different times in our lives. So, I suggest they ask the seller for recommendations based on what we discussed. Even more importantly, when you’re looking at shop listings or you’re in a live sale, go with what gives you that ping! The ping knows.

Is there a crystal that you feel expresses either your essence or someone you know? Tell me about it.


Karmic Nodes

The lunar nodes, also called karmic nodes, are two specific points of the moon’s path as it revolves around the earth. They are designated as north and south and are always exactly opposite each other. Symbolically this is perfect, since one represents prior experiences and one is the goal of this life. Only by doing something that is the opposite of what you’ve been doing over and over again, will you generate new growth in this life.

The south node is a treasure trove of karmic experience. It shows experiences you’ve had and strong beliefs you have built thru those experiences. It can show both strengths and vulnerabilities, talents, successes, struggles, and triumphs. The south node can be something you rely on and fall back on in this life.

The north node is directly opposite the south and shows the goal of this life. It shows your primary purpose for being here. It’s not just a singular lesson, but a thread of purpose that weaves all thru your life and will show up through many other life lessons. The north node calls you to move beyond the comfort zone of experiences of the south node and take on new challenges in this life.

The houses the nodes are in will give insight into the primary areas of life experience in which the nodes are most expressive for you. The signs give insight into their styles of expression. Aspects to the nodes show how your energies tap into your karmic past and work to move you towards this life’s purpose. 

Transits are the current location of the planets. Looking at how transits aspect your nodes helps you to see how outside energies (outside of you) effect and support your goals, as well as bring up your past.

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