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Last year I finally updated the look of my website I started the site in 1998 and had kept the look and feel the same for 10 years. I added a few things, but kept most of the content the same. Finally I’m getting around to updating more of the content.

I’ve updated the ordering procedures and hopefully the process is clearer. I make sure that I have all the information that I need from the client and that we can agree on a time to talk, before I accept payment. My process is a little different than an online shopping cart. I’ve added a form to help make it a little easier.

I’ve updated the FAQ to explain why I use Skype and PayPal. Since I’m using Skype I can easily record the call. That means clients can now get a digital recording of the reading mailed to them on CD. I can more easily accept clients outside of the USA, since the Skype rates worldwide are really inexpensive. Also, PayPal can process payments from outside the USA and I like that everyone’s transactions are secure. It’s also faster, so I receive payment faster and clients don’t have to wait as long for their appointments.

I also added a short (about one minute) audio message on the readings page. Hopefully it gives anyone that listens more of a sense of my work.

The site now feels more up-to-date and hopefully my process is clear. If you get a chance, take a peek and let me know what you think. All comments are welcome.

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