Transits: keys to working with them

These are the most important things I want you to get about transits.

1️⃣ The effect of transits is largely based on your choices. You need to opt in. They are invitations, opportunities. There’s a flight going from New York to London today, but you need to decide to buy a ticket and get on the plane to make use of it.

Have you noticed that I use words like invitation and opportunity when I post about transits? This is why. The planets are not puppeteers controlling your life. Two people can encounter identical circumstances and have two radically different experiences.

2️⃣ Transits offer the most to you when they connect to pieces in your chart and to understand them you need to understand your natal chart.

If you want to better understand the opportunity of a transit, dig into what it is touching in your own chart. They show what outside energy is most available to you. They show momentum.

I see people focus so much attention on the transiting planet, but the answer to their questions about how does this impact me is in the natal chart.

Transits by themselves don’t mean much to you personally. Focus on understanding your natal chart and if you’re curious about a transit that is touching something in your chart, dig deeper into that part of your chart.

3️⃣ Develop and trust your intuition. You don’t need transits to live well. Your soul is nudging you 24/7 and is communicating the most precise guidance you could hope for.

Astrology is a fantastic tool for self-discovery and spiritual growth. It has helped me beyond the words I know to explain how to you and it’s enabled me to help thousands of people.

Remember though, it is a tool and doesn’t replace your direct communication with your soul.

Your life is an experience you are creating as a part of this ever changing universe and not an object life is happening to.

Wondering what is a transit?

Your natal chart shows the placement of the pieces at the time, date and location of your birth. Transits are where the planets are now.

About the “where they are now” part …

The tropical zodiac resets each year with the vernal equinox. So the transits show where the planets are currently using that sky map.

Transits using the sidereal zodiac are used if you are using sidereal for your natal chart. The sidereal zodiac is determined by the current orientation of the earth’s axis. So it shifts over time due to the gravitational forces between the sun and moon. This orientation change makes a complete cycle through the zodiac every 26,000 years. This shift is the difference between tropical and sidereal and gives us ages in astrology.

✨ Natal chart uses birth day and time

✨ Transits uses current day and time

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