Natal Venus Retrograde

When you have Venus retrograde in your natal chart, your karmic history includes believing you failed someone you love.

You may feel compelled to go to extremes for those you care about in this life because you’re afraid of failing them.

This can include enabling them, tolerating unkind behavior, feeling you need to earn love to prove yourself to make up for your past.

It’s important to release guilt you carry and trust yourself so that you can create healthy loving relationships.

You also had lives where you didn’t feel valued and you’re now learning how to heal these experiences and believe you’re loveable.

When you struggle to believe you’re loved you tend to distort the intentions of others. It’s hard to receive love if you don’t believe you’re worth loving. You may also label unhealthy behavior as proof of love.

The retrograde can express itself in a variety of ways, these are just a few. Most importantly, retrogrades are not a curse. They are announcements and in this case that you’re learning to value yourself in a deep and meaningful way. I repeatedly see people with Venus retrograde develop healthy relationships and live abundant lives.

Natal VenusRx 💖✨

I just shared a few beliefs brought into this life with Venus retrograde in a natal chart. Most importantly, know that you’re not doomed by a retrograde. It’s an intention to heal in this life.

You are lovable. You are worthy of love and the love in your heart is priceless.


Mercury Retrograde

Have more conversations. I feel like there’s an abundance of opportunities now to hear your soul through your conversations with friends, both what they say to you and you say to them. Capricorn gives tangible value to these conversations.⁣

Regarding what to watch out for …⁣

⁣Everything you can imagine is happening in someone’s life right now. People are dying and being born … people are at war, others are making peace … people are falling in love, learning knew things, having their heart broken, getting hurt, finding their strength, moving to a new home …⁣

⁣Everything is possible and happening in someone’s life right now. Follow your intuition, your heart, your higher self that wants the best for you regardless of how much Gatorade people talk about. ⁣

⁣Do what’s right for you. Follow the timing your soul urges you towards. It is more profoundly reliable and impactful than any transit.⁣

⁣Thanks to the friend that inspired this post. I love talking with you. 💕⁣


Mercury Retrograde

Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini today and I’m here to remind you that you can do ANYTHING during Mercury retrograde that you would do otherwise.

Metaphysics 101: Your mind is powerful. You will tend to create and reinforce what you believe. If you believe in the gloom and doom messages of Mercury retrograde you are more likely to have problems.

Here’s how I embrace it and advise clients.

💫 Be more open to personal reflection.

💫 Be more thoughtful about the power of your words.

💫 Be more intentional with your communications.

💫 Listen more. Be attentive.

💫 Listen to your soul.

💫 Evaluate lingering ongoing projects, finish them or intentionally take them off your current to do list so you stop giving them mental energy. You can revisit them at another time in life.

💫 You can absolutely sign contracts, mortgages, leases, etc. It’s best to ALWAYS read them carefully, regardless of a retrograde. Live your life and trust yourself. If this is the right time for you to do something, do it.

Astrology can be a powerful tool for getting into cosmic alignment. It’s still just a tool. There is no more powerful method for cosmic alignment than listening to your own soul. Please be wary of anyone that directs you to override that by telling you with certainty what you should do or not do something, especially when they cite a metaphysical tool to rationalize it.

In fact, here’s another great Mercury retrograde opportunity. Be open to seeng how you rationalize NOT listening to your soul.

We’ve all been there. We want to do something or not do something, and so we start rationalizing. If you are into metaphysics, you whip out your cards, pendulums, magic eight ball … anything to get the answer you want.

During Mercury retrograde, own what you deeply know rather than using your mind to rationalize what you want.

The universe is not cruel. It’s always teaching and supporting us, even during Mercury retrograde.

Remember, retrogrades are the illusion of backward motion, so know that you can keep moving forward, albeit maybe a bit more thoughtfully.