When the Teacher Becomes the Lesson

The numbers in an astrology chart add so much meaning and dimension. As I think about today, Good Friday, and Easter weekend, my mind wanders to the number 33. It is one of the mastery numbers that can show up in a chart.

Eleven is the teaching master, elevens teach what they need to learn. Twenty-two is the achieved master and teaches through demonstration. Thirty-three is the Christos where the teacher becomes the lesson. The energy of 33 is to serve through some aspect of self-sacrifice, to become the lesson for the student.

Over the next few days, as we complete the Christian Holy Week, consider how you show up and teach in your life. It could be by sharing what you’re learning, acting with integrity, and sometimes giving others the space and opportunity to learn without feeling judged.

Wishing you a sacred moment of grace. May you consciously connect with your soul today and every day after.

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