What does karma mean to you? Do you sense karmic patterns playing out in your life? Do you believe you reap what you sow, what goes around comes around?

Here’s what I believe …

When I read karma in a chart, I don’t see punishment, I see recognition. I believe there is a connection between what we believe and what shows up in our lives, because what we believe becomes real and we gravitate towards what we recognize and expect.

It’s not about deserving pain, it’s not about being punished. The universe is based on love and has no investment in hurting you.

I believe it’s about having your beliefs played out only this time you are on the other side. You believed it was okay to lie to people and then find yourself being lied to, you believed it was okay to bully others and then find yourself the one being hurt. You’re seeing reflected back the truth that you believed.

As you heal your pain and deeply understand you do NOT deserve to be hurt, abused, disrespected etc., you heal not only your wounds, you also heal your beliefs. You create a new cycle of cause and effect, where your truth is based on loving action and so that is what you regularly expect and bring into being.

If you’ve been hurt, if you grew up in an abusive home, if you’ve had your heart broken by someone that wronged you …

I believe the value in seeing your part is not based on shaming you for the evil actions in another life or earlier in this one, it’s about seeing your value and expanding your beliefs around self love and how life can be better.

The more you deeply understand your worth, the more you become available only for healthy experiences, and the less pull you feel towards that which does not improve your life or align with your highest good.

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