Empty Houses

Empty houses have value and meaning. The sign on the cusp shows the style you most often use in that area of life.

Empty houses are so interesting to me. Sometimes they show our blind spots, areas of life that have few conflicts and lessons, and parts of our lives that we kind of float in and out of oddly and easily.

Sometimes it’s more obvious why houses are empty, like when there are placements in the sign that naturally rules that house. For example, an empty sixth house with Virgo placements in the chart.

Sometimes it’s less obvious. I was talking with a friend recently about this and joked that when the house is empty and nothing is in the natural ruler, you’re screwed by blind spots. That’s not true. I have an empty second and nothing in Taurus. The whole chart always makes sense. There’s always a story and the why of an empty house is revealed just as much as those with planets.

Besides, there’s also always a way to deal with everything in the chart. In my experience, the folks that talk gloom and doom when looking at a chart just don’t understand it very well.

The crystal pictured is hiddenite. It’s a piece I’ve wanted for a while. I could see it in my mind and then for reals via VirgoGems which is perfect since the sign of Virgo seeks to make dreams real.

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