Midheaven: Your Soul

Your midheaven is the point directly overhead at the time of your birth.

I use equal house (not the same as whole sign) so the midheaven is placed in the chart as a point.

Your ascendant is the point directly east when you were born and shows your entry into this life. The midheaven is the point directly overhead and it shows your soul.

Your midheaven drives you more than you may be aware of, impacting you more than you may considered.

It’s as if your midheaven seeps through into your consciousness and you think of it as inspiration, but it’s you. It’s not a source outside of you. It is your soul in communion with you.

Any aspects to your midheaven show you specific patterns (ease, lessons, challenges) communicating with it. As with everything else in your chart, aspects reveal repeated past life patterns.

Others that have your same degree on the midheaven are part of your spiritual family (regardless of sign).

There are various indicators of spiritual and karmic connections in a chart. This is just one of them. Besides, all of our souls come from the sane source and are connected whether you consciously feel it or not. Uranus teaches us this and your Uranus can help you feel it. Always.