Soul Connections

If you believe in reincarnation, you’ve likely been curious about karmic connections you’ve felt with others, wondering if you were lovers, friends, enemies, family etc. in other lives.

Did you know that karmic relationships are often not about how and when you knew someone in another life? They can also be about connecting with someone that came in with a lesson like one of yours, so there’s a shared intention between souls to learn or heal together.

I often hear people talk about relationships as if their value depends on having known someone before. What if your soul nudged you to this person not because you already knew them, but because you needed to meet them?

What if this is the first time your souls have met on earth and it is this very life that ignites an eternal connection? What if falling in love now leads to more lives together?

Having a karmic history with someone doesn’t automatically translate into a healthy, loving relationship. Lots of people that have hurt you in this life, hurt you in other lives. Having known someone before isn’t always a fun thing.

Understanding karmic connections can offer insight into a current relationship, but regardless of your history with someone, what matters most is what you do together in this time and space.

Soul connections are not bound by earthly experiences. Cosmic love has no limits and doesn’t depend on shared earthly experience. We all come from the same source. These lives are only a part of our collective journey.


Getting started offering metaphysical services

Do you offer a metaphysical product or service? Have you been thinking about it? Tell me, I’d love to know.

Making the switch to charging a fee for metaphysical services is exciting! Whether it’s astrology, numerology, Reiki, tarot … here’s some advice and a lesson learned from me.

Naica Selenite

First do it for free

If you’ve never actually done a reading or session, you’re not ready to charge a fee. Get some experience first. You learn by doing. It’s part of any reputable training.

Then make the jump. Do it.

Once you’re consistently getting great feedback, make the switch. If possible, have another source of income or financial support to rely on at first so you feel less anxious about getting clients.

Start with a lower fee

It will ease off the pressure. It’s a start and that start will propel you forward to more clients, more experience and more compensation. Consider this, even if you tell someone just one thing that’s helpful, it’s worth the $10 or whatever you’re charging and what you’re learning with each reading becomes priceless to you.

Then raise your fees.

It’s okay to start off lower. Part of your compensation is learning every time you do a reading. You’re not wasting your time or under valuing yourself. You’re doing a paid internship. Reconsider your fees every 6-12 months in the early years. You’ll know when the time is right to adjust.

Consider your needs

I wish I would’ve managed my schedule better in the early years. When my business took off I let myself get booked months in advance and it made me nuts. I got so overwhelmed I ended up taking a long break from seeing clients. What I evolved to is a better system of booking for about a month at a time and keeping more time open so I have more maneuvering room. Everyone else goes on a list.

It’s okay to be paid well

Being kind and generous is a beautiful way to live and you’ll have more energy and resources to help those you love and be an agent of love in the world if your earthly needs are met.

Poverty isn’t spiritual. Helping others get out of poverty and live well is easier to do when you have resources.